Fall & Winter Soap Collection

Our fall and winter collection brings something special in the air. When you unwrap each bar of soap. The wonderful scent of the pumpkin spice, peppermint, and cinnamon take over the room.  Not only do our soaps smell good. They also clean and moisturizes your skin. We use only natural ingredients and botanical. Our soap is tested for skin irritation. In Addition to cause of allergic reaction.

Handmade gifts are thoughtful, but when they can be personalized it makes them more special. That’s why we offer our soap with a personalized message. Give us a call or let us know in the order details.

We pledge to provide handmade soap and skin care products that work. We stand behind all our products with a 30 Day money back guarantee. If your skin doesn’t feel healthy and radiant. Just send back the unused portion of your order. Then we will refund your money. That simple!

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