Rules to live by

Rules to live by
Rules to live by

I was speaking with my wife the other day and we were discussing some of the things we have learned about the business of soap making. We are fortunate to have had the knowledge of my wife’s grandmother bestowed upon us which encouraged us to get in the business. We know ourselves to be very lucky to have the business and soap expertise of my Father n law.

He taught me a great many things about life and business, and we are lucky to have such an accomplished man in our corner. Needless to say, I am learning every day. One principal I am learning that life and business have rules which cannot be circumvented. There are no shortcuts when comes to life and success.

My wife reminded me of a wonderful rule that we  go by in our soap making business, which she was taught by her grandmother  when she was just 3 years old.    My father n law reminded my wife the other day that in business if one takes shortcuts sure they will make money, probably a dollar. However If one  follows the rules and takes there time in decision making, then they will probably make a 1,000 dollars. So this is for you Pa, and once again thank you for all your wisdom.

The Rule goes something like this:

Your soap must ” look good enough  to eat, Smell good enough to buy, and don’t cheat cuz  your soap will not be right”!!  This is how we make soap on a daily basis and this is one of the rules we live by.

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